Lock and Handle Options for Our Frameless Bifolds

Our state of the art frameless bifold door is one of a kind – we believe it deserves a blog of its own!

frameless glass bifold

A little about our locks and handles

Since our frameless door is like no other, it comes with a unique lock and handle operation. As standard, two cam locks (one each to the top and bottom) are attached to the access door panel of the door. These locks ensure that the panels are securely locked.

The frameless Hafele frameless door comes with a patented one-handed operation cable made out of stainless steel. This is done to match the minimalistic theme of the door as well as to ensure uninterrupted views. If you require, we can also attach a small (44mm) round, silver anodised knob grip handle on the access panel to facilitate easy access on both sides of the door panel. For more information on our Hafele frameless bi-fold door, please visit our website.

access panel

Cam lock at the bottom of the access panel

stainless steel operation cable

Knob grip handle with stainless steel operation cable