Timber Bifold Versus Aluminium Bifold Doors

It’s a question every homeowner asks themselves when they start building or begin a renovation. The key areas of concern relates to durability, maintenance, strength, cost and aesthetics. It’s well known that timber bifolds require annual maintenance through painting or staining and if not kept up doors are subject to warping and rotting making them unusable. All to often we are requested to replaced timber bifolds after a few years with aluminium bifold doors because they are not operable anymore. Aluminium on the other hand requires next to no maintenance, is extremely durable and will easily outlast your home.

Rotting Timber Bifold

Rotting Timber Bifold
Further, because of the natural strength aluminium has over timber, aluminium bifold doors can be made much larger and with fewer panels, which in turn lets more light into your home. Generally speaking aluminium is also more cost effective then timber because of the high price associated with timber joinery, more materials being required and the hidden costs of timber maintenance.

Aesthetics is the main argument for timber bifolds, however, our aluminium ones can be made to look like timber (see our blog on Decowood powder coating). More often than not though our clients prefer powder coating because it adds to the look of their home. We have over 300 powder coat colours available so there will be one that suits your home. There are many more reasons to choose aluminium over timber, like bush fire risks, weather durability, sound proofing and recyclability.  Feel free to discuss with us further if you are unsure about anything.