Bifold Door Configurations and Access Panel

A common question that we get about our bifold doors is if they can be made to fold in any direction. The answer is yes. Our bifold doors can be made to fold inwards or outwards and in any direction. Below are just a few of the configurations available.

Often customers prefer to have a single opening door or access panel for easy passage when the doors are closed. As you can see from the images above, this is only possible when there is an odd number of panels folding in at least one direction. In cases where you have an odd number of panels folding in each direction, you can nominate which door panel you want the handle on.

The next question you might ask then is, how many panels do I need for my opening? In general, for normal height bifolds, we recommend door panels with a width between 800-950mm, but can do larger or smaller door panels if required. Bifold windows on the other hand are usually around 600mm wide. Having fewer panels is more cost effective because less hardware, labour and material is required.

The configuration below marked 3L3R is interesting and worth discussing more. We actually recommend doing the reverse because with the current configuration, there is no single opening door panel. The advantage of doing the door as shown is that the door can be made to fold in either direction or all to one side (the door handle will prevent the doors from stacking neatly on a 90-degree angle though).

For more information on our bifold doors and bifold windows, please get in get in touch with our team.