Timber Reveals on Aluminium Windows and Doors

What is a timber reveal?

A reveal is a length of timber which is fitted on the top and sides of window frames and is generally used to install windows into timber framing. Essentially, the reveal becomes part of the window frame and hides the stud opening.

Often, timber architraves are then attached to the reveal to cover the gap between the reveal and the plasterboard (or internal lining).

Our reveals are made from Meranti hardwood (primed, but not painted).

Please note, reveals are not always necessary for installation of Nuline’s windows and doors as our units can be fitted directly through the frame's glazing channel or fixing adaptors. However, some builders prefer reveals as it gives a clean and finished look to the project. In such case, we offer two ways of fitting the reveal to our windows as shown below.

U channel sill in floor gap


We can custom cut the timber reveals to any size required (165mm and 175mm is most commonly used). Please feel free to discuss your timber reveal needs with our estimating or project management teams.