Cornerless (Post Free) Bifold Doors

Our cornerless (post free) aluminium framed bifolds can instantly make a house stand out. We have manufactured and installed many of these units over the years and can say they look completely transform rooms. We would let the following photos do the talking for us!

For technical reasons, it is ideal to have an odd number of panels on both sides. But as a minimum, we can make cornerless bifolds that have only one side with an odd number of panels. Ninety-degree corners are the norm, but with a little engineering and customisation we can do other angles. Since, cornerless bifolds are a little more complex, we recommend that our experienced team installs it for you. One crucial aspect to cover here is that if you are considering cornerless bifolds, it’s ideal to start thinking about this in the design stage. A sufficiently strong lintel is required which can support the weight of the top hung bifolds and the roof. 

Shown below also is a cross section of how the ninety-degree corners come together, both internally and externally.

Our experience in cornerless bifolds means that we’ve actually come up with a few modifications compared to these cross sections to make your cornerless bifold look, feel and operate even better. Get in touch with our team to discuss how you can have a cornerless bifold door in your next project.