Bifold Top Rolling Hardware

Our bifold doors are powered by architectural grade stainless steel Centor E2 and E3 rollers. This hardware has been designed and tested for use in our framed bifold door system. Our bifolds are top hung which means the weight of each door panel hangs on these rollers inside the head of the bifold, thus making them a critical component. Operation of both roller types is noiseless, smooth and effortless. Often people are surprised that they can move an 100kg+ door panel with just their fingertips. Confident with their product, Centor offers a 10-year limited warranty (visit the official website for further details). This trust comes from the hardware going through over 50,000 cycle tests as well as vigorous noise, corrosion, structural and cyclone weather testing.

This hardware has also been designed with many other things in mind. For instance concealed fittings and locking screw technology means the doors cannot be removed or damaged when the bifold door is closed. One of its best features however, is its easy adjustment mechanism which only requires a flat head screw driver for vertical and lateral adjustment. This is a handy feature for our customers as new buildings tend to settle over time. Keep an eye on the bifold door blog section where we will dedicate an entire blog to this handy feature.

Determining which type of hardware is required is based largely on calculating the door panel weight (glass weight + frame weight). Glass constitutes most of the panel weight. E2 rollers are rated to 60kg while E3 rollers are rated to around 115kg. Pictured below are the Centor E2 and E3 rollers along with a cross section of how it sits in the head of our bifold doors.


E2 Rollers with Cross Section


E3 Rollers with Cross Section

For more details on our bifold rollers, get in touch with our team or visit technical downloads page.