Bifold Door Sill Options

Our aluminium framed bifold doors come with a high-level of customisation and the bifold sills are no exception to this.

Our standard door sill is MFE21, which is the finest looking sill and has excellent weather performance capabilities. Many of our beachfront projects feature bifold doors with this sill. These bifolds are exposed to high volume of wind driven rain but have never had any problems as the sill fully seals the bottom of the bifold from the environment. With this or any other sill, you can build up timber or tiles up to the sill, if you want to achieve a flushed floor look. This sill is the same size as MFE41S sill shown below.


Standard Nu-line Sill

If you want a cleaner look, you may consider our second most used sill, the ‘U channel’ sill (MFE20D). This sill does not offer the same weather proofing capabilities as our standard sill, but it does allow the bottom guide to be recessed away into the ground for a cleaner look. There are a couple ways you can recess this sill, either by building up timber or tiles to the sill or cutting a groove in the ground or concrete or table top. We often use the U channel sill on bifold windows in kitchens, bars and restaurants or cafes. But every now and then, these are also used on full height doors. We can, on request, add a brush seal to the bottom of the doors when the U channel sill is being used to help with sealing. But in reality, the standard sill is far superior in terms of weather proofing.

Shown below are our other sill options that are available on request viz. MFE23 and MFE100. We stock our standard sill (MFE21) and U channel sill (MFE20D), so we are more than happy to provide offcuts to you so you can see exactly how your bifold will sit in your opening and accordingly decide your rebates.

* Drawings are not to scale. MFE21, MFE41S are the same size (42.6mm high by 101.6mm wide). MFE23 has a height of 23mm. MFE100 has a height of 60mm. All sills except the U channel sill have a width of 101.6mm. Sizes for U channel sill shown on image above.