Bifold Door and Window Sill Options

Our aluminium framed bifold doors and windows come with many different options for customisation. Depending on your project requirements, we have 4 bifold door and window sill options available. As all our bifold products are top-hung, they will always require a track at the botto to guide the movement of the panels.

Everything we do is custom made, so we can fabricate our bifold doors and window to open inwards or outwards and also to large custom sizes!


Standard MFE21 Reversible sill

Our standard door sill is the MFE21, it is the best option for excellent weather performance capabilities. Many of our beachfront projects feature bifolds with this sill, and these frames can be exposed to high volumes of wind driven rain, but we have never had any problems as the sill fully seals against the bottom of the bifold panels.

This sill is most common for bifolds opening outwards where there is a step down from the internal floor finish, however, it can still be used for open-in designs.


MFE23 Flat profile sill

This sill is most suitable option if you are after a flat profile look to the sill, it's also the best option for if you want to achieve a flush floor finish inside to outside. As it doesn't have the same weather seal on the sill, we put a seal on the bottom of the door panels to ensure you don't get any draughts coming through.

This sill is suitable for both open-in and open-out designs.


MFE23 Flat profile sill + Storm/Zero-threshold subsill

If you intend on having a flush floor inside and outside, then you need to consider the drainage of the subsill. If you have a decking finish on the outside, then a standard subsill is fine as it will drain beneath the deck. However, if you have a hard surface such as concrete, paving or tiles, then you may need to include a Storm/Zero-threshold subsill in your door setup.

Having this subsill changes the profile of the sill and subsill to 62x104mm. This subsill will need to be connected to a storm water outlet by a plumber - we'd be happy to help advise how this can be done to suit your project.

This setup is suitable for both open-in and open-out designs.


MFE20D U-Channel sill

As this option has no subsill for drainage, this sill is most suitable for internal applications or if you're after a servery window with a minimal track. At 25mm high, this sill is track only and the floor or benchtops can easily be built up on both sides for a minimal finish. As with the MFE23, we attach the seals to the bottom of the panels.

This sill is suitable for both open-in and open-out designs.