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Large Unobstructed Glass Windows

There’s nothing worse than having your view to outside compromised by window framing. At Nu-Line Windows we specialise in commercial aluminium frames that allow us to install large and heavy glass panels without any obstructions. We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture almost any size window and with many years of experience with large glass we have gained a great amount of expertise in this area.

Although we make it sound easy, installing a piece of glass that weighs 350-500 kilograms is definitely no piece of cake. Depending on the glass weight and location of the opening we may have to hire a crane with special glass suckers to lift the glass into place. Again, nothing new to us, having done this many time’s over the years our conduct using them is both professional and efficient.

Below are some photos of our team craning in some heavy glass units in Prahran and Hawthorn East.
Prahran 1Prahran 2

Hawthorn East
  • 20 February 2015
post by Jerry
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