Anodising Aluminium

These days there’s a wide variety of colour options available in aluminium doors and window. But how do they do it? Colour customisation of aluminium is done mainly by two processes: powdercoating or anodising the metal. In this blog, we will talk about Anodising in detail.

Anodising aluminium Process

What is anodising?

Anodising aluminium involves an electro chemical process in which a decorative or a protective layer is fully integrated with the metal surface, making it less susceptible to scratches, abrasions and corrosion. In simple words, anodising adds a hard layer on top of the metal which allows us to dye aluminium to suit our décor.

How is it done?

Raw metal is dipped in a chemical solution, causing an electric current. As a result, the top layer gets oxidised and colour is added which is absorbed by the metal pores.

Available colour options

There are over 25 different shades to choose from when anodizing aluminium. Considering natural anodised is the natural finish of the metal, it is usually the fastest to be sourced and helps in fastening the fabrication process. Get in touch with Nuline Windows to discuss your anodised aluminium needs and we will be happy to help.

coloured anodised aluminium extrusions

Coloured Anodised aluminium extrusions

natural anodised aluminium extrusions

Natural Anodised aluminium extrusions

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