Sliding Door Track and Roller Maintenance

Sliding doors and stackable sliding doors offer an affordable yet a practical solution to many needs – whether it is maximising natural light into your home, improving ventilation or even if it is just to absorb in a beautiful view. Our commercial grade sliding doors, especially with wide spanning door panels, offer a unique blend of versatility, class and functionality.

Building works damaging the sliding door sill / wheels

These doors are low maintenance and come with heavy duty bottom rollers, which have guide tracks to roll on. Since the entire sliding operation of the door depends upon the bottom wheels, there are several factors that can inhibit a smooth rolling operation such as damaging the track or allowing sand, plaster dust and debris to get inside the rollers. This is much more likely to happen during construction. Rollers and door tracks should be protected from all kinds of building materials like plaster dust, welding splatter and mortar.

The following points must be kept in mind while conducting construction works around sliding doors:


  • Always keep the track clean and free of debris
  • Cover the door track with a plank or cloth until construction is completed
  • Immediately wipe plaster dust with a damp cloth
  • If there are debris or sand in the track, sweep the loose dirt from the door track with a soft broom, or toothbrush or vacuum
  • If using a hose to clean the framing or glass, only use the fine spray setting
  • Always get advice from a professional (builder, fabricator) first if in doubt


  • Delay removing debris, as it may make scraping necessary, potentially damging the rollers or the powdercoat finish
  • Use any corrosive liquid like acid or methylated spirts to loosen the debris
  • Spray a hose using full force setting
  • Scrape with sharp edges to clean the door as it may potentially damage the track or the powdercoat finish
  • Use lubricants to ease the rolling as it may attract more dirt/ sand, making matters worse

We use high end rolling hardware and over the years our customers have rarely reported any defects or difficulty in our products. Nonetheless, if you come across an issue, get in touch with your builder or Nuline and we will be happy to help. For more information on our sliding doors, visit our stackable doors and sliding doors page.