Lock and Handle Options for our Sliding Doors

We use a range of different locks to secure our commercial grade sliding doors. These locks are sourced from several suppliers, implying that each proprietary item comes with a different operating mechanism and hence may be keyed differently.

We offer a few select handles as standard for our commercial sliding doors. One of these is the Zanda stainless steel Verve flush pull handle (on the top left). This handle can be flushed inside the frame making it sleek and modern. We don’t necessarily recommend this one on the bigger doors as it doesn’t offer the same level of grip as the larger pull handles. Usually the hook lock (pictured bottom right) will sit below the handle.

The stainless steel Hafele pull handle (on the top right) gives a sharp and contemporary look to the doors. The shape of the handle allows the hook lock to sit in the middle of the handle.

Another pull handle that has become popular is the Kaba Black pull handle (pictured bottom left). This one measures 630mm in height. Again, the hook lock will sit in the middle of the handle.

We use a hook lock for the above handles. These can all be keyed alike and come with the option of a key inside and outside or a snib inside and key outside. The only part visible when the doors are closed is the cylinders.

Our traditional Yarraview range of handles comes with four options (as shown below). These handles come in a few different colours. Black grey and white being the most common. They come with an in-built twin lock mechanism so therefore can’t be keyed alike to the hook lock (unless it’s done by a locksmith).

All these handle options are displayed in our showroom. If you don’t like what you see just find something that you do like and we will try to accommodate. We can custom machine most locks and handles onto our doors.

For more information on our sliding and stackable doors and for photos of the handles on our doors, please visit our sliding door page.