Is a Sliding Door a Good Investment for Your New Home?

If you’re looking for ways to make your home more accessible and more stylish at the same time, then you need sliding doors! They will allow you to open up walls, let in more light, and create a sense of flow throughout your whole home. But how do you know if doors are a good investment for your property? Consider the points below before making any decisions, and contact our friendly team if you need our expert advice.

Is a Sliding Door a Good Investment

Natural Sunlight

One of the best things about sliding doors is the huge amount of natural light they will let into your home – no matter where they are installed! If you use this style as a back door opening out onto your patio or decking, then you’ll be letting in plenty of sunlight – something potential home buyers place a lot of value on, if you’re planning on selling. If you’re using doors with clear glass to separate rooms within your home, such as the dining room and lounge, all of the light in one room will flow into the other.

Illusion of Space

Large glass doors create the appearance of a much larger room, similar to the way mirrors increase the appearance of space. Unlike a wall or solid door, glass panelling doesn’t create a sense of confinement - and that’s just when they’re closed! When they are open, it will seem as though the two connecting rooms are one large space. If they are opening up onto your backyard, you can truly take advantage of your back decking and bring the outdoors in. You’ll love the extra entertaining areas your home now has.

A Style to Suit Your Home

With so many styles on the market, you’ll easily find a model that you love! A simple white frame is perfect for any home, but if you want something tailored to your décor, there many options to choose from. A matte black frame is ideal for the industrial trend that is so popular at the moment, while neutral greys, blues or whites are well suited to a Hamptons finish.  For a cohesive look throughout your entire home, sliding doors are a good investment.

Space Saving Option

If you’re struggling to fit in couches and chairs that won’t get hit by doors when they are pulled open, or you have to keep all your doors closed when they aren’t in use so that you can navigate your way between your furniture, then you need a space saving option. Whether they are open or closed, your doors will take up almost the same amount of space. Because they open wide, they will even make moving large furniture in and out of your home an easy task.

Cost Effective

Contrary to bifold doors, sliding doors use much less metal and hardware, making these a cost-effective option to consider, especially when you are working with a constrained budget. These can be easily made in single glazing or double-glazed glass, based on your energy efficiency requirements.

Sliding doors are a great option for many families. They are easy to use and very attractive, and they’ll make even the smallest space feel bigger. To learn more about our sliding doors, contact our team today. We’re happy to answer any questions and offer our expert advice on which style is right for you.