Fixing Adaptor Options for Commercial Windows and Doors

There are many ways to install our architectural windows and doors. The below images show the most common fixing adaptors available which easily clip into the back of our frames.

Usually the adaptors come in 100mm off cuts, but if required, we can be add these to your frames in continuous lengths on the head and jamb sections (for example, weatherboard homes may require this for a neat and weathertight finish). Selecting the correct fixing adaptor for your project can make installation and finishing much easier and straightforward.

It’s not uncommon to use two or more types of fixing adaptors in a project depending on the wall set ups and external finishing styles.

Adaptor Style A

This is our most common adaptor which can be reversed to suit your project's requirements. It is often used for brick veneer, weatherboard and foam board wall set ups.

The most popular method of fixing is straight to the stud opening through the angle which sticks out.

Adaptor Style B

Our second most common fixing adaptor which is more used in concrete and tilt slab wall openings. Fixings are put directly through the glazing channel and into the concrete.

Care needs to be taken that the fixings holes are countersunk so that when we fit the glass, the screw head doesn’t clip our glass and cause it to explode.

Adaptor Style C

Newly released is the 'EzyReveal' adaptor. This adaptor was designed to allow for the EzyReveal to be neatly tucked behind the frame - no gaps!

Depending on your finish style, this might be perfect for your next plaster reveal project.

Adaptor Style D

Also a new release is the plasterboard adaptor. Similar in design and intent as the EzyReveal adaptor, this is specifically designed to make finishing with standard 13mm plasterboard simple and neat.

Adaptor Style E

This adaptor is common in foam board and some brick veneer wall styles. This adaptor cannot be made as continuous and will be supplied in pre-cut ~100mm lengths.

Adaptor Style F

This adaptor is sometimes known as the in-line reveal adaptor and can be handy in offsetting the frame, its extended leg can present issues with finishing off so if you are considering this adaptor style, we suggest discussing this with your Nuline project manager.

Adaptor Style G

A rarely used adaptor which only comes in pre-cut ~100mm lengths which clip into the back of our frame.

Adaptor Style H

Adaptor style H: Shown here is the only adaptor which fits into our triple track 150mm sliding door frame.

Usually the fixings are done via the slide in adaptor and covered with screw plugs, the fixings on the fixed door panel side will be hidden by the door panel itself.

Brackets and angles can be put onto the adaptor by the builder to give different fixing solutions, have a chat to a Nuline project manager or estimator to see what might suit your project's requirements.