Centor Screen with a Stackable Sliding Door (double jamb)

Below is an indicative cross section of how our 3-panel stackable sliding door are installed alongside a Centor retractable screen using a double jamb configuration.

The Centor screen is designed to be quite wide, so the box sections on the sides are chunky to accommodate the screen when retracted. This box section is 105mm wide. To allow for this, we generally use a double jamb on our sliding doors to match the overall width of the screen frame.

The Centor screen sill is smaller then our sliding door sill, so we elevate the Centor sill by 19mm to make it flush with the top of our stackable sliding door sill. This is usually done with timber or packers.

The overall depth of the frame is 244mm, which is relatively deep for a frame. The builder can compensate for this depth in the wall thickness or the Centor screen can protrude inside the house.

For more information on our stackable sliding doors and flyscreen options, please visit our stackable and sliding door page.