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Who We Are
Reinder & Kym
Prior to the Christmas break up

The Real Story:

The truth is that we started small like every other company and had to work extremely hard from home and cramped horrible offices to get where we are today, but we’re proud of the journey and what we’ve accomplished. The two head honchos, Kym and Reinder, who were previously managing directors in the train and bus industry responsible for designing doors, roof hatches and windows, bought Nu-Line Windows in 2002 together with the idea of continuing in the same industry and branching into architectural windows for homes and commercial buildings.

In reality, however, the demand for quality heavy-duty windows and doors in the market was enough to convince Kym and Reinder to focus solely in this industry. The takeover was much harder than anyone could have anticipated, but to Reinder and Kym’s testament, their dedication, work ethic and commitment to service was enough to not only keep the business going, but grow it. It’s evident that these same qualities have trickled through the Nu-Line team.

Where We Are Today:

These days the two head honchos are still working hard, but with the support of over 20 people and are now doing it from the relative luxury of a nice head office with a showroom that displays our products and a large adjoining fabrication floor. Our size allows us to take on large commercial jobs as well as residential homes and renovations while ensuring flexibility, speed and service.

Our Office / Factory

Our Vision:

Our goal is to supply the building industry and homeowners with quality architectural/commercial windows and doors at competitive prices. Not only that though, we want to do this with the same work ethic and service Kym and Reinder used when setting up the company. To the left is one example of a project we did for a homeowner in Mornington.

Our People at Work:

We haven’t forgotten that our people make us who we are as a company and that they’re important to us. We feel like we’re more than just a team, in fact some people have actually likened us to a family. This is why we employ honest, hardworking people and look after them. Take for instance that we choose to support our industry by employing glazing apprentices like James and John on full wages because let’s be honest, apprentice wages are too low. At Nu-Line we have people that work together as a team to bring you quality products.

John our apprentice glazier
Terry our senior installer

Our People at Home:

We all have lives outside work and we think that some of our stories are worth sharing here. Take Terry for example, one of our senior installers who originates from the Cook Islands, frequently removes unwanted windows, doors and glass. What he does with them is inspiring, he takes them home, puts them in a shipping container and when full donates them to the Cook Islands where they are reused to help build new homes. Similarly, Reinder and Jerry (our head estimator), choose to donate blood every 12 weeks together to help those that need it. These are just some of the things that go on behind the Nu-Line scenes.

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